Are You Ready
to Live an On-Mission,
Disciple Making Life?


Join the Revolution: Decentralized, Simple,
Focused Disciple-Making Movements

Do you agree that CAWKI (Church As We Know It)
is no longer doing the job?

People are not being reached.
Disciples are not being made.

We can’t blame a pandemic or the latest crisis.
Legacy church has been floundering for years.
Yet DMM’s (Disciple Making Movements) are flourishing across the globe.

My name is Daren Wride, author of DNA of a Christ Follower and founder of 12Church.

If you are a churched person, as I am, you've been trained to be passive.
You've been trained to learn and gather biblical knowledge… but not apply it.
You've been trained to accept that the reference point of your Christian life, even the core of Christian mission is a centralized church facility.

We've lived in a subculture that hires people to do ministry, even evangelism. Yeah, we actually hire people to reach our friends! (Think about that...)

The current evangelical world is a system that often:
• takes passionate people and cools them off
• makes it extremely difficult to live on mission
• is largely ineffective in reaching unchurched people with the Gospel
• spends a lot of money, and a lot of time, and a lot of energy for very minimal results

The hard reality is that we've been brainwashed by an Old Testament model of thinking that prioritizes the centralized location of the church, the ministries that are contained in that box and the professionals who lead the organization.

But we don’t live in the centralized Old Testament; we live in the decentralized, Spirit-empowered, every believer is gifted and called, New Testament.

And it’s time to start acting like it.

12Church is a group of people seeking to live
All In. On Mission. With Jesus.

With God’s help we are figuring out how to be disciples who make disciples in our time and place. And we’ve discovered that there are timeless, transcultural principles being applied in DMMs around the world that are effectively making disciples right now!

And we want to share what we’re learning.

Watch the video at the top of the page for the full story.

This is the portal to everything 12Church:
All of our major courses, all of our evangelism micro trainings, all of our podcasts and videos and resources- all in one place.

But this is not about overwhelming you with content.

I’ve lived in the internet marketing world where one of the tricks is to provide such a huge volume of content that you think it’s a deal.
But tons of content is not what makes the difference.

What does? The right focus and the right application of key, timeless principles. Proven biblical principles for making disciples. A framework for living on mission wherever and whenever you are.

Heard Enough?
Click the Button, Jump In and Get Started Today

Follow the prompts and in a few minutes you'll find yourself with full access to everything- the core principles and resources, personal evangelism training and micro trainings, devotionals, leadership development… and yeah, a few of my rants.

How long have you been on the hamster wheel of trying to be a disciple who makes disciples in a system that is actually designed to create consumers and spectators?

It's time to jump off the merry-go-round and live differently.

It’s time to shape your life, beginning with your personal spiritual life and church life, rippling out to every aspect of your life.

It’s time to shape it all around joining Jesus on mission.

Join Us on the Great Adventure of Disciple Making!


Here's What You're GEtting:

(Basically Everything We've Got!)

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All Major Courses

Personal Evangelism Crash Course
Living on Mission
Start and Lead an On-Mission Group

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All Micro Trainings

Dozens of short focused personal evangelism micro-trainings for your own development or to share with your family, group or ministry.

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All Devotionals

Short devotionals covering the Sermon on the Mount
and more!

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All Videos

Both public level and private, members only teaching and training.

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All Podcast Episodes

The Disciple Making Podcast
with Tim Beadle

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All New Content

All the present and future 12Church content accessible in one place:
Courses, Trainings
Podcasts, Videos
Resources, Handouts


Bonus #1: DNA of a Christ Follower Mailed to You


Bonus #2: 12Church Orientation/Coaching Call
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Bonus #3: Access to the Release Life Planning System
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"How much?" you ask:

$12/month obviously!

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"12Church has deepened my understanding of..."

what it means to be a Christ follower and on mission for Jesus; of why I’m on this earth and what I should be doing for Him.

It’s deepened my love for the lost people and has taught me how to love and evangelize through relationship. And on top of all that, it has deepened and strengthened my relationship with Jesus and has made me more in tune with the Holy Spirit and His promptings.

- Kelsea, 12Church member

"12 church has greatly increased my desire to see the gospel spread."

It has opened my eyes to the opportunities right in front of me, and given me some tools to know what to do.

- Blake, 12Church member

"12Church has given me training, tools and teaching..."

that has been a significant help in aiding me to be more intentional in sharing the Gospel.

- Bob, 12Church member

Join Jesus on MIssion
embrace a disciple making lifestyle

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