Daren Wride is the founder of 12Church.
He grew up in northern Manitoba as the oldest of three brothers (spending as much time as possible outdoors) and has lived in all four of Canada's western provinces. 
Daren graduated from Canadian Bible College in 1990 with a Bachelor of Theology, High Honours; pastored three different churches over nearly 20 years; spent time in the professional speaking and internet marketing worlds; and has engaged in transitional ministry, assisting churches in crisis and/or pastoral transition for over a decade.
In 2021 he and his wife Kristin began 12Church. They have two married adult children and two grandchildren.  Learn more about Daren HERE. 


I believe disciples are best made by a balanced emphasis on winning the lost, building believers, equipping workers and multiplying leaders.

I believe that leaders are called to lead first by example, to “be what we are calling others to become.”

I believe that ministry should be carried out in a way that is sustainable long term, not requiring pastors or lay people to sacrifice physical, spiritual or family health.

I believe that the greatest current challenges to the health and effectiveness of the church are internal not external, and include such things as biblical illiteracy, “conversions” without repentance, an absence of deliberate disciple-making, a lack of equipping for strong marriages & families, and gossip.

I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, he is returning and every knee will bow. This truth shapes everything. 

My personal mission is to contribute to the renaissance of biblical disciple making in the North American church by modeling a life on mission and developing an effective and efficient disciple-making ministry. 

My Dream is to live a John 15 life in concert with Kristin, giving to and serving in strategic Kingdom initiatives, leading our family and friends to do the same. -Daren Wride