12Church exists to rally, encourage and equip people
to live All In On Mission With Jesus.

We believe the highest leverage investment of our lives
is to follow Jesus passionately and invite others to join us.


Our Strategy is Simple

Be a person of the Word, Prayer and Spirit
Gather with other on-mission people
Multiply yourself and your group

Individually we seek to be people of the Word, prayer and the Spirit, interceding for those in our lives who need Jesus. We respond in obedience to whatever he makes clear to us and seek to live simple but focused lives.

We gather with like-minded people to be trained, encouraged and supported in our mission. We care for each other, pray for each other, hold each other accountable for obeying the Lord and pool our resources to reach our friends.

We seek to multiply ourselves and our groups, both locally and online. We resource and encourage followers of Jesus to live on mission and to join with others on mission wherever they find themselves.

We fight unnecessary complexity of mission and resist the idea that ministry or Christian leadership is the realm of vocational professional ministers.

We challenge the legacy church to refocus on the basic mission of making disciples and challenge those who are a part of such churches to embrace a lifestyle of disciple making, following the Lord wherever he leads.

Living on Mission
Changes You

It's like putting on a new set of glasses.
It alters the way you see your work, your play and your neighborhood.
It gives you sense of mission even in the mundane.
It equips you to see God's purposes in the interruptions. 

Predictable Objections

to the 12Church Strategy

It seems
too simple.

How can it be this easy?

But I'm not
very spiritual.

And I wouldn't know
where to start.

This is so... different.

It's very unlike church as
I have known it.




DNA of a Christ Follower SUMMARY

Personal Evangelism Crash Course

PE Crash Course graphic small.png

Introduction to
Starting an On-Mission Group

Disciple making is not a solo activity. 
Learn how to recruit others to join you in moving All In. On Mission. With Jesus.