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KCU: An Essential Disciple Making Resource

One of the best podcasts I've come across as I've immersed more and more into the disciple making world is the KCUnderground podcast. It is a resource produced by the Kansas City Underground, "a network of reproducing disciples and microchurches that seeks to saturate Kansas City with the beauty, justice, and Good News of Jesus." (Isn't than an excellent mission?!?)
This podcast has introduced me to many other disciple making resources and people, including Damian Gerke whose book In the Way has helped communicate and clarify the mission and strategy of 12Church. 
They provide free access to some of the best disciple making tools which have been developed in the trenches of their very effective and growing movement. 
Enough said- go check them out HERE.

Daren Wride

Founder, 12Church

In this blog Daren shares his latest learnings, resources and ideas about disciple making and leading on-mission groups of Christ Followers.