Missional Living Map Intro

Missional Living Map

The Missional Living map is a framework for growing as a disciple who makes disciples and helping others join you on mission. It seeks to explain what needs to happen in a believer's life for them to move from passive observer to active participant in the call to make disciples, to live all in on mission with Jesus.

As I write this, we have just completed recording our draft introductory videos for each of the nine steps in the Map. You can find the complete playlist here: Missional Living Map playlist 

The MLMap has three levels with three steps in each level.
The first level is Launching and deals with some internal issues for the believer: Becoming Gospel-saturated, fully resting in the grace of God due to the finished work of Christ; living in a Christ-centered way where we understand that ultimately it is not about us but about him, and that history, and life, only makes sense in relation to Jesus; becoming self-feeding, learning how to take in and apply the raw Word of God for yourself. 

The second level, Advancing, begins to move into an outward focus: Partnered with other like-minded believers who are also seeking to live on mission as disciple makers; equipped in the ways of disciple making; released into mission both by dealing with internal restraints and an externally imposed but unbliblical restrictions to living on mission.

The third level, Accelerating, is about bringing others with you into a life on mission- Winning them to faith in Christ, Developing them (which includes both building and equipping them for the Christian life and ministry) and then Multiplying both yourself and groups of believers who will work together on mission. 

At this point I consider this still in "draft" mode. Producing these short videos and also discussing the different phases with Tim Beadle in the Disciple Making podcast has helped refine the core ideas. 

The next step is to round out the ideas into a more complete training, with multiple (but hopefully not an overwhelming number!) of modules inside each of the steps. 

Stay tuned! 

Daren Wride

Founder, 12Church

In this blog Daren shares his latest learnings, resources and ideas about disciple making and leading on-mission groups of Christ Followers.